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Solar Panel Plugs Connector For 10/16mm2 Solar Cable

  • TUV/UL/IEC/CE Certified & 25 Years Product Lifetime
  • Compatible With 2000+ Popular Solar Module Connector
  • Protection IP68 For Outdoor Waterproof & UV Resistance
  • Quick And Easy To Install & Long-term Stable Connection
  • Our Solar Connectors Have Connected Over 9.8 GW By 2021
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LEADER® solar panel plugs is used for safe and simple series or parallel connecting solar PV modules, inverters, or solar power plant systems. Certification with TUV/UL/IEC/CE standards, suitable for Ø2.5-Ø16mm² photovoltaic solar cables. The connector design is based on the 25-year working lifetime of the photovoltaic power station and has long-term stable electrical contact performance. 
  • Contact with drum-type crown spring, make electrical connection safety and fastness.
  • TUV/UL/IEC/CE certificated, compatible with 2000+ popular solar module connectors.
  • Self-locking between the female and male connector, installation conveniently and reliably.
  • Ratchet mechanism desigh to lock the nut cover, avoid being loosened after long term using.
  • Contact resistance less than 0.35mΩ with Multi-Contact, less heating and low power consume.
  • Strong ageing resistance and UV resistance, suitable for use in multiple harsh outdoor environments.
It is suitable for various harsh outdoor environments such as deserts, lakes, seasides, and mountains (climate environment with high temperature, high humidity, and strong salt content). It is an important part of the solar system. Good connection quality ensures the long-term and safe operation of the photovoltaic system and effectively reduces the failure rate of the photovoltaic system and the later operating costs.

Specification Of Solar Products

solar panel plugs Product NO. PV-BN101A-S10
Insulation material PPO/PC
Rated voltage TUV1500V/UL1500V
Rated current-2.5mm² 35A (14AWG)
Rated current-4mm² 40A (12AWG)
Rated Current-6mm² 45A (10AWG)
Rated Current-10mm² 55A(8AWG)
Test voltage 6KV(50Hz,1Min)
Contact material Copper, Tin-plated
Contact resistance Less than 0.35 mΩ
 Degree of protection  IP68
Ambient temperature -40℃ up to +90℃
Certification IEC62852 /UL6703

Drawing Of Solar Panel Plugs Types

For more details, please download the PDF files.

Solar Connector
solar panel plugs

LEADER® products have passed many international certifications such as TUV Rheinland, UL, JET, DEKRA, Colombia RETIE, European CPR certification, CE, and ROHS.

solar panel plugs

solar panel plugs

solar cables and connectors

Production Process

The intelligent and digital factory enabled by Leader Group integrates and applies new technologies and new intelligent manufacturing processes. The whole production and inspection process is integrated, intellectual, and digital. It replaces personnel's original online inspection method, which significantly improves production efficiency. At the same time, it has perfect inspection and testing equipment to enhance the quality of the product. Guarantee the high quality of the connector. The precision of automated production equipment can reach 0.002mm, and the use of digital intelligent image detection, laser detection, and other detection technologies can eliminate the omissions and deficiencies of the original manual assembly of products by workers. All products are 100% inspected and digitally marked.

Standard Package Info:


Carton Dimension(cm) Pack list QTY Gross weight(kg)
45cm × 35cm × 25cm Male Housing 500pcs 15.4kg
Female Housing 500pcs
Male terminal 500pcs
Female terminal 500pcs
Remark:500 pairs in one carton package


How to order solar cable connector (please choose one code per position, below)

scc x x x   


SCC Cable Cross
MPQ Housing
Solar Cable Connector   2.5(14Awg)   F1:4.7~6.0mm   R:Roll   500 pairs/package   _____________
  4-6mm²(12Awg-10Awg   F2:5.6~6.9mm   P:Bulk   50 pairs/package
  10mm²(8Awg)   F6:6.9~8.5mm   ________________   5 pairs/package
  _________________   ________________     1 pairs/package

*Customized options available,for more information, please contact LEADER GROUP sales team:support@leader-solar.com



SCC-6mm-F2-B-500 means the Solar cable connector will match 6mm2 cable with5.8~6.9OD.The terminals will be packaged with plastichousing together. 500 plastic housing will be packaged in one package.



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