Photovoltaic 1000V DC Fuse Solar Holder 10*38 gPV PV System Protection

Solar Fuse Rated voltage: DC 1000V, Rated current: 2-32A
Test According to IEC60269-1, Certificate TUV / CE / UL
For 10*38 Fuse, Operating Class gPV For Solar Protection
Quick And Easy To Install & Long-term Stable Connection
Our Solar Connectors Have Connected Over 9.8 GW By 2021
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LEADER® fuse solar holder 10x38mm 1000Vdc PV fuses is for protecting and isolating photovoltaic strings. Rated voltage: DC 1000V, Rated current: 2-32A, The fuses are specifically designed for use in PV systems with extreme ambient temperature, high cycling, and low fault current conditions(reverse current,multi-array fault) string arrays. Four styles are available for application flexibility.
  • Meets UL and IEC photovoltaic standards for global acceptance
  • Low watts loss performance for energy efficiency
  • Low-temperature rise performance for more precise sizing
  • In-ine crimp terminal version is easy to apply in wire harness construction
  • Typical applications: Combiner boxes, Inverters, PV wire harnesses
  • 10x38mm photovoltaic fuses -1000Vdc,2-32A.

Specification Of Solar Products

fuse solar Product NO. HDKDC1P32AIL
Rated Voltage DC 1000V
Number of DC Poles 1P
Fuse Link size(mm) 10x38
Rated Current(A) 32
DIN Rail(mm) 35
Application PV Solar
Standard IEC60269.6

Drawing Of Fuse Solar Types
fuse solar
  • Characteristic Curve
fuse solar

Production Process

The intelligent and digital factory enabled by Leader Group integrates and applies new technologies and new intelligent manufacturing processes. The whole production and inspection process is integrated, intellectual, and digital. It replaces personnel's original online inspection method, which significantly improves production efficiency. At the same time, it has perfect inspection and testing equipment to enhance the quality of the product. Guarantee the high quality of the connector. The precision of automated production equipment can reach 0.002mm, and the use of digital intelligent image detection, laser detection, and other detection technologies can eliminate the omissions and deficiencies of the original manual assembly of products by workers. All products are 100% inspected and digitally marked.

Standard Package Info:

Carton Dimension(cm) Pack list QTY Gross weight(kg)
43cm × 23cm × 28cm PV fuse holder 240pcs 16.7kg


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