Solar Panel Connector Crimping Tool Kit Box

Tool Kit For Solar PV System Installation And Maintenance
For Quick Installation Or Replacement Of Various PV Connector
Including Cable Stripper And Cutter, Terminal Crimper, Wrench
Ergonomic Non-slip Handle For Easy And Labor-saving Operation
Our Solar Connectors Have Connected Over 9.8 GW By 2021
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LEADER® Solar Panel Connector Crimping Tool Kit Box is a professional tool for the installation and replacement of photovoltaic connectors, including wire cutters, crimpers, strippers, wrenches, and a pair of PV connectors.

The wire crimpers for 14 /12/10AWG(2.5/4.0/6.0mm2) crimping of solar cables and photovoltaic connectors; precise crimping die design and complete locking ensure high-voltage connection quality during repeated crimping and high transfer force controlled by lever to reduce work intensity. The portable handle is ergonomically designed and lightweight. Convenient for outdoor installation and construction.

The solar cable stripping tool is a special stripper for photovoltaic solar cables. Suitable for solar cables of 2.5/4/6mm2 (14/12/10AWG). The blade is made of high-quality carbon structural steel S45C. Not easy to damage. Adjustable jaw length limiter for precise control of stripping length. Precise mechanical structure, no copper wire cutting, ergonomic non-slip handle, and easy and labor-saving operation, is a good help for the installation and maintenance of our photovoltaic system.

The solar wrench is a wrench specially used for photovoltaic solar connectors. The fuselage is made of high-strength plastic injection molding. It is durable, lightweight, compact, portable, and compatible with popular solar connectors such as MC-4 and AMPHENOL. It is used for quick installation, fastening, or tripping of photovoltaic connectors, and it is an essential tool for the installation and maintenance design of solar photovoltaic systems.

Specification Of Solar Products

Solar Panel Connector Crimping Tool Kit Box Product NO. Description
SY-CT002(1PCS) Crimper for 2.5/4/6mm² (14-10AWG)MC4 connectors
SY-ST001(1PCS) Wire stripper for 2.5/4/6mm² (14-1OAWG)
TJ2546A(1PCS) Wire cutter for upto 10mm Dia
THB510(1Pair) For solar connectors assembling and disassembling
Solar Connector(1Pair) Male and female
Weight 1.7kg
Packing 10Sets/Cartom
Carton Size 45*35*25CM

Installation Tools Use Instructions For Solar Panel Connector Crimping Tool Kit Box
crimping solar connectors
crimping solar connectors

Production Process

The intelligent and digital factory enabled by Leader Group integrates and applies new technologies and new intelligent manufacturing processes. The whole production and inspection process is integrated, intellectual, and digital. It replaces personnel's original online inspection method, which significantly improves production efficiency. At the same time, it has perfect inspection and testing equipment to enhance the quality of the product. Guarantee the high quality of the connector. The precision of automated production equipment can reach 0.002mm, and the use of digital intelligent image detection, laser detection, and other detection technologies can eliminate the omissions and deficiencies of the original manual assembly of products by workers. All products are 100% inspected and digitally marked.

Standard Package Info:


Carton Dimension(cm) Pack list QTY Gross weight(kg)
40cm × 30cm × 20cm solar crimping tool kit 10set 16.7kg


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