Solar Installation Tool Crimping pliers for photovoltaic systems

Solar Installation Tool Crimping pliers for photovoltaic systems

Mr. Photovoltaic, in the article "The Small Things That Can't Be Negligible Affecting Photovoltaic Power Generation,"
When it comes to photovoltaic connectors, they are essential accessories in photovoltaic power plants, although the unit price is meager.
Whether the crimping of photovoltaic connectors is tight or not directly determines the loss and safety of photovoltaic power plants.
Only dedicated photovoltaic connector crimping aluminum can guarantee compliance with the specification. Now crimping pliers have crimping interfaces suitable for different wire diameters.
Generally, there are three ports of 2.5, 4, and 6 square meters to meet the needs of photovoltaic pressure lines, and the most commonly used one is 4 square meters. Mr. PV learned that,
Most installers use needle-nose pliers instead of photovoltaic special crimping pliers, and the crimping does not meet the standard. So it is only a matter of time before the security question arises.

How to use terminal crimping pliers Solar Installation Tool

1. First, put the spring terminal on the crimping pliers, then clamp it on the pliers, but be careful not to connect it to death.

2. After the spring sheet is put on, leave a section at the other end, and then prepare a selection of wire and peel off a quote on it.
But it can't be too thick. Otherwise, it will affect the use effect.

3. Insert the wire into the prepared spring, be careful not to insert too deep. Otherwise, it will affect the use effect.
Solar Installation Tool

4. Only copper wires should be left on the pressed terminals without touching the insulation. Take out the crimping pliers and see the result of crimping.
After that, it is enough to wrap the metal tape. Be careful not to press too tightly, which will damage the crimping jaws.

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