How to choose the model and specification of the connector

How to choose the model and specification of the connector

As an integral part of solar cell modules, photovoltaic connectors should be used in harsh environmental climate conditions with significant contrast changes. Although the ecological climate in different parts of the world is different, and the environmental temperature in the same area varies greatly, the impact of the environmental environment on materials and their products.

To sum up, there are four significant factors: the first is the impact of solar radiation, especially ultraviolet rays, on polymer materials such as plastics and rubber; the second is temperature, in which the alternating high and low temperature is a severe test for materials and products; in addition, humidity is like rain. Snow, condensation, etc., and other pollutants such as acid rain, ozone, etc., on the material. Furthermore, the connector must have high electrical safety protection performance, and the service life must be more than 25 years.
The performance requirements of photovoltaic connectors are:
1) The structure is safe, reliable, and easy to use;
2) High resistance to environmental climate indicators;
3) High sealing requirements;
4) High electrical safety performance;
5) High reliability;
Environmental factors that need to be considered for photovoltaic connectors:
Safety first. This is a term used in all aspects of life, and it is essential to consider the harsh environments in which many electrical connections are used. With a "safety first" mentality, strict attention must be paid to how connectors are customized.
It is essential to consider the many common environmental issues that connectors may be subjected to. They include immersion in water, exposure to water or chemicals, extreme temperatures, tiny particles, rough materials that come into contact with joints, and even bending and bending.
Your preferred connector is the one with the highest IP rating. Two numbers indicate the IP (International Protection) rating of photovoltaic connector products. The first number is protected against solid foreign objects (i.e., dust). The second number represents the protection against water ingress; the higher the number, the more protection the connector provides. For example, the rating can be no lower than IP 00, which does not protect. However, the IP 68 rating is considered the highest in its class and provides complete protection against dust and continuous immersion in water.

When choosing a solar connector, pay attention to:

(1) Shell insulation material

The application environment of photovoltaic connectors is generally very harsh, ranging from seaside saline-alkali land to plateau deserts and other terrains, from hot equatorial to cold high latitudes, as well as perennial erosion such as solar radiation, rain and snow, and wind and sand, and the weather resistance of shell insulation materials. Performance, heat resistance, flame retardant properties, mechanical properties, insulation properties, and other aspects of performance can be used for 25 years to ensure the inner copper core and outer insulation.

(2) Sealing

The inside of the photovoltaic connector is the plug-in's copper core and the cable's copper core. It has no anti-corrosion function. The connector needs to keep the copper core isolated from the outside world. The onboard connector is also together with the inverter (or controller). To ensure the sealing function of the inverter, the sealing function of the connector should also be very reliable. In addition, when installing, the sealing screw should be tightened.

(3) Contact resistance

According to the latest international standard IEC 62852 for photovoltaic connectors, after the test, the contact resistance after the male and female is inserted should not increase more than five mΩ, or the final resistance value should be less than 150% of the initial value. Using high-quality photovoltaic connectors, the power consumed by the connector is less than one ten thousandths of the total system power. On the other hand, the energy consumed by the inferior connector is more than 30 times that of the high-quality connector. The root cause of the failure of the connector and the fire: In the case of current flow, the contact resistance of the connector increases, which leads to a rise in temperature rise, which exceeds the temperature range that the plastic shell and metal parts can withstand. The contact resistance is mainly related to the material and size of the copper core. Connectors of different brands have different specifications. Therefore, it is recommended not to mix them. When installing, the male and female connectors should be inserted in place, and the connectors of the regular brand will make a sound when inserted in place.

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