Precautions for connector construction

Precautions for connector construction

According to the "Review and Analysis of Factors Affecting Photovoltaic Power Generation" report released by the "Solar Bankability" project team of the EU Horizon2020 plan, among the power generation revenue losses caused by the risk of failure of the TOP20 technology in the power station, connector damage and burnout ranked first. 2 digits.

How to install photovoltaic connectors correctly is a problem that cannot be ignored in the construction process. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following points in the process of product selection and construction:

1. Use products with reliable quality and certified by testing agencies.

2. The products of different manufacturers cannot be mixed, and the effects may not match.

3. Use professional wire strippers and crimping pliers, and unprofessional tools will cause poor crimping. For example, some copper wires are cut off, some are not crimped in, and they are pressed to the insulating layer by mistake, and the crimping force is too small or too large.

4. After the connector and cable are connected, check it. Under normal circumstances, the resistance is zero, and it will not be broken by pulling hard with both hands.

5. Do not work on live or load-carrying parts

6. Do not disconnect under load

7. The final product and its users must ensure protection against electric shock

8. If the connector is left open or the module is stored outdoors, the module must be protected from foreign objects and elements such as water, snow, dirt, or other contaminants

The photovoltaic connector is a transportation hub that effectively connects the critical components of the solar power generation system. The connection with the junction box, parts, inverters, etc., requires photovoltaic connectors, which can be described as the main artery of the solar power generation system. Attach great importance to.

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