Precautions for junction box installation

Precautions for junction box installation

The junction box should be tested before use. The main items are appearance, sealing, fire resistance level, whether the diode is qualified, etc.

The test is as follows:

1. Appearance: size, with or without defects, operate by the incoming inspection work instructions

2. Mechanical properties: the tension between guide and bus bar; clamping force at diode angle; tension between wire and junction box; tension between junction box and curing

3. Fire rating: fire resistance test, outside (the soil method is to ignite and record the extinguishing time)

4. Continuity: Continuity test, use a multimeter to test whether the two ends of the wire are connected

5. Low-temperature resistance: low-temperature impact, tested according to the requirements of VOE V0126-3-2006 6.3.10

6. Thermal deformation: baking test, 90, four h, with or without deformation

7. Reliability verification: refer to IEC requirements test

Precautions for use:

1. Please ensure the junction box has been tested and qualified before use.

2. Before placing a production order, please determine the spacing of the terminals to determine the typesetting process.

3. When installing the junction box, the glue should be uniform and comprehensive to ensure that the box body and the backplane are sealed.

4. Please distinguish the positive and negative poles when installing the junction box.

5. When the contact terminal is connected to the bus belt, check whether the tension between the bus belt and the airport is sufficient.

6. Welding terminal, when in use, the welding time should not be too long to not damage the diode.

7. When installing the box cover, hold it firmly.

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