What is a solar junction box?

What is a solar junction box?

The solar junction box connects the solar cell array composed of solar cell modules and the solar charge control device. It is a cross-disciplinary comprehensive design that combines electrical design, mechanical design, and material science.
The solar cell module junction box is essential in the composition of the solar module. Its primary function is to connect the electricity generated by the solar cell with the external lines. Solar photovoltaic junction boxes are mainly divided into crystalline silicon junction boxes, amorphous, curtain wall junction boxes, explosion-proof junction boxes, etc.

The composition of the photovoltaic junction box

The photovoltaic junction box comprises three parts: box body, cable, and connector.

The box body includes: box bottom (including copper terminal or plastic terminal), box cover, diode;

Cables are divided into: 1.5MM2, 2.5MM2, 4MM2 and 6MM2 and other commonly used cables;

There are two types of connectors: MC3 and MC4;

Diode model: 10A10, 10SQ050, 12SQ045, PV1545, PV1645, SR20200, etc.;

There are two diode packages: R-6 SR 263

Technical indicators of the photovoltaic junction box

Maximum operating current 16A

Maximum withstand voltage 1000V

Operating temperature -4090℃

Maximum working humidity 5%95% (non-condensing)

Waterproof grade IP65

Cable specification 4mm

Main features of the photovoltaic junction box

The power of the photovoltaic junction box is tested under standard conditions: temperature 25 degrees, AM1.5, 1000W/M2, generally expressed in WP, and can also be expressed in W. The power tested under this standard is called the nominal power.

1. The shell is produced with imported high-grade raw materials, with extremely high anti-aging and UV resistance;

2. It is suitable for use under harsh environmental conditions during outdoor production time, and the actual effect is more than 25 years;

3. 2 to 6 terminals can be built in arbitrarily as needed;

4. The quick-connect plug-in connects all connection methods.

The development direction of the photovoltaic junction box

Junction boxes play a vital role in solar cell modules. With the application of the entire photovoltaic market, Leader Solar is also making efforts to provide customers with higher quality junction boxes, such as designing high rated current, high waterproof, Junction boxes with excellent heat dissipation, low resistance, etc.
At the same time, with the continuous development of intelligent photovoltaic monitoring, intelligent junction boxes are also the general trend of the future development of junction boxes. This intelligent junction box can monitor the running status of each component at any time and has the function of tracking the maximum output point of the component, which can maximize the power generation and meet the requirements of component-level monitoring.

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