Wire cutters commonly used in photovoltaic systems

Wire cutters commonly used in photovoltaic systems

1.Before application, carefully check whether the insulation of the insulating handle is intact to ensure that it is entire to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents;

2. When applying, do not use cables to cut metal wires that exceed the specifications and models. It is strictly forbidden to use cable shears instead of hammers to beat special tools to avoid damage to the cable shears;

3. When using cable shears, do not bruise, damage, or burn the insulating handle, and pay attention to waterproofing;

4. To avoid cable shear corrosion, oil should be often supplied to the clamp shaft;

5. During the actual operation of induction electrification, a distance of more than 2cm must be maintained between the hand and the metal material of the cable cutter;

6. Cable scissors are divided into insulated and non-insulated ones. Pay attention to the difference during the actual operation of induction electrification to prevent being injured by vital electricity;

7. The application of pliers should be done according to one's capabilities and cannot be overloaded. It is forbidden to shake the pliers under the condition of continuous cutting,

Otherwise, it will chip and damage. Regardless of steel wire, thin iron wire, or copper core wire, if the pliers can leave tooth marks, then use the teeth in the front of the pliers to hold the wire,

Gently lifting or diastolic pressure wire, that is, breaking the wire, saves effort and does not damage the pliers, which can increase the service life of the cable cutter.

1. Open the levers with both hands to the maximum; at this time, the power seat will automatically open and rotate freely.
2. Place the object to be cut like a notch.
3. Close the power knife holder and hold the two handles to cut.

The utility model relates to a photovoltaic cable cutter, comprising a handle, a clamp handle, a rivet, and a cutter head; the number of the clamp handles is two, and the two clamp handles are cross-combined and riveted by rivets; the handle is sleeved on On the pliers handle; a cutter head is welded on the right end of the pliers manage, the cutter head is in the shape of a leaf, and a bayonet is opened at the blade of the cutter head. The bayonet is in a semi-ellipse form. The photovoltaic junction box is an integral part of the solar module. The enterprise produces the junction box and the photovoltaic cable and then assembles it to form a complete photovoltaic junction box; the enterprise cuts the photovoltaic cable into a certain length after producing the photovoltaic cable. When the junction box is assembled, the photovoltaic junction box needs to be tested after the assembly is completed to ensure the quality is qualified; during the cutting process of photovoltaic cables, some cables are cut to a long length, resulting in the complete inspection of the assembled photovoltaic junction box, affecting the Sales of photovoltaic junction boxes.

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